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Serve as Social Media Ambassador

About this Opportunity
Expect Hope is a Christ-centered residential program serving families, including unsupported women 18+ years of age during crisis pregnancies and through their child's second birthday.

Actively engage and promote Expect Hope on the social media platforms of Facebook and Instagram. (If you don’t have both platforms, that’s ok.) It takes less than five minutes!

Six Easy Steps

1) Like our page!

2) There is a box with a “…” on it, click that and then select “Manage follow settings.”

3) In your newsfeed, make sure that “Favorites” is selected. That increases your opportunities to see our posts in your newsfeed.

4) Like or put another emoticon on every single Expect Hope post you see! (There should be about one a day.)

5) Comment on every Expect Hope post you see. (It doesn’t have to be profound, just a sentence, a word, or even an emoticon will do.)

6) Share Expect Hope posts on your personal Facebook page at least once a week.

Time and Location: Whenever possible, from the comfort of your own home.

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