We Have Hope for New York


Our vision is a New York City in which all people experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love. 

Our mission is to mobilize volunteer and financial resources to support non-profit organizations serving the poor and marginalized in New York City.




In 2018, we distributed more than $2.1 million in grants to support our affiliates and mobilized over 43,000 volunteer hours.


Our Approach

Our mission is to mobilize volunteers and financial resources to support non-profit affiliates serving the poor and marginalized in New York City. We aim to strengthen our affiliates so they can do their work even better. Hope for New York is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Mobilizing Volunteers
Mobilizing Volunteers
Making Grants to Fund Programs
Training & Consulting

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Our Church Partners

We also partner with local churches who are committed to holistic ministry in both word and deed — sharing the good news of Christ’s love and demonstrating this in practical acts of compassion.

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Our Values

The Gospel offers a unique perspective on mercy & justice.

Our motivation for serving others is a response to the grace shown us by Jesus, rather than out of a desire to earn favor with God. Through service, we witness a mutual transformation: both the server and the served grow in the process.

Mercy and justice are inextricably intertwined

God’s heart shows a special compassion and protection for the poor and disadvantaged. We believe God’s passion is rooted in His desire for all of creation to experience His Kingdom and Shalom.

The nature of service is both word and deed.

Our words of unconditional acceptance coupled with our actions of service and love have a powerful impact. We speak and act with the knowledge that our words and deeds will have a significant impact in the world around us.

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