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Become a Supportive Neighbor to an Adult with a Disability in UWS

About this Opportunity

Through Do For One, you will have the opportunity to be selectively matched into a one-to-one supportive relationship with one adult who has a disability who lives in Upper West Side.

We are looking for ordinary New Yorkers who live in or near the UWS who are interested in learning more about becoming a freely given, enduring friend and supportive neighbor (called an "Advocate") to one person who has been marginalized in society due to having a disability.

  • The ideal candidates to become Advocates are rooted in NYC with no foreseeable plans to move away from the city.
  • In a city where power, beauty, talent, intellect, and money are highly valued, those who cannot readily provide these characteristics go overlooked.
  • In fact, many of the people with disabilities we serve cannot name even one relationship with a person who is not paid to spend time with them.
  • Do For One addresses the underlying problem of social exclusion and believes we all have something to offer each other and our communities. We believe that there is simply no substitute for freely-given and mutually beneficial relationships motivated by love. When people across societal barriers come together in friendship - everyone benefits.

Application Process:

  • Click the "Request information" button below, and a staff will be in touch with you within 48 hours.
  • You will be asked to Zoom with a staff for 30 minutes to share more about your personal background and interests, and hear more about the way Do For One's vetting and matchmaking process works.
  • You will also be invited to an upcoming orientation session where you will hear about the history and core values of Do For One, which is a requirement for all who wish to become an Advocate.

Please note that not everyone who expresses interest in becoming an Advocate will automatically be matched into a supportive relationship. Advocates are thoughtfully vetted and matchmaking takes time, discernment, and is a collaborative process.

Click "request information" to get started!

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