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Serve as Spanish-Speaking Family Friend or Coach

About this Opportunity

Do you want to help address the migrant crisis in NYC? Do you speak Spanish? We have received several referrals from migrant families living in various shelters across our city. In fact the Moms have so appreciated the support of our Family Friends and Family Coaches that they are referring other families in their shelters to our program. We are looking for Spanish speaking volunteers in or able to travel to north Brooklyn, north Queens and/or the South Bronx.

Safe Families is particularly equipped to relationally support and welcome these new families to our city by creating extended family-like support for families in crisis through a community of compassionate volunteers. Our vetted and trained volunteers offer a broad community of support for families who feel overwhelmed or isolated so that we can help keep children safe and families intact.

Spanish-speaking volunteers are needed to serve as Family Friends & Coaches for parents referred to our program.

  • Family Friends befriend and support parents and/or their children, by offering a weekly phone call or visit, emotional support and encouragement, mentoring, occasional childcare so parents can get to appointments or catch a break, or any other kind of support and encouragement you would offer any of your own friends.
  • Family Coaches help parents by assisting parents in meeting self identified goals and connecting with local resources, and more. Throughout the entire assignment all volunteers are regularly supported by SFFC staff. 

Volunteers will commit to connecting with an isolated parent/family for 1 hour per week for up to 1 year. Volunteers connect with families both in-person and remotely, and go through an approval process before being matched with a family. The schedule of meeting with the family is flexible.

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