July 07, 2020
Our 2020 fiscal year ended on June 30, and despite the changes and challenges of a COVID-19 year, there are many milestones we want to celebrate! FY20 Affiliate Grants Every June, we distribute one set of direct grants to our grant-receiving affiliates to support their programs for the coming
June 29, 2020
Chuck Armstrong joined the Redeemer Lincoln Square team as their Pastoral Resident in 2016 and was ordained in 2018 to become their Assistant Pastor. On Wednesday, July 1, Chuck will be planting a new church in Hell's Kitchen, called the Hell's Kitchen Community Church. Throughout his years in New
June 26, 2020
While New York City was "on pause," some of our volunteers have made connections by reaching out to isolated and immunocompromised residents at two HFNY affiliates. Volunteers of all ages got creative when writing letters and making art to send to Upper East Side Rehabilitation Nursing Center and Is
June 16, 2020
Our melting pot country is founded on immigrants from England who emigrated to a new world in pursuit of a life of freedom. Through the years, as more immigrants from various countries have come to America, they have helped shape and form our cities and states, and become an essential part of our
June 12, 2020
Every year, our Young Supporters Committee helps plan for our spring event, but when it became clear that meeting in person would be impossible during COVID-19, plans immediately changed. (Kerri Chiu of our Young Supporters Committee shares more.) Although the physical venue became a digital