Expect Hope, a Christ-centered residential program for unsupported, expectant women, provides a safe residence for mothers who desire to prepare a life for their new families. It is a privately funded, non­profit organization serving women in the Bronx, New York. Expect Hope provides essential social services through a holistic approach that addresses the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of each woman. The program equips each mother with Biblical counseling, training, and mentoring. The women receive loving guidance toward reconciliation with God, themselves, and others as they understand and apply the work of Jesus Christ in their lives. As she awaits the new life of her child, each woman can anticipate a future that will be different from the past.
To provide a supportive residence for expectant women while they build self-­sustainable lives founded on faith in Jesus Christ. We Provide: HOUSING for unsupported expectant mothers until their children turn two years old; A LIFE SKILLS CURRICULUM preparing residents for independent living; GOAL PLANNING towards a self-sustainable life; Biblical TEACHING AND GUIDANCE; Individualized ACADEMIC TUTORING to advance the education of each resident; Free, onsite PARENTING ASSISTANCE while mothers are in class or at work; A JOB PLACEMENT program to prepare residents and assist them to find employment; Continual physical, emotional, and spiritual; SUPPORT from staff members and mentors
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Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers will serve as personal mentors, providing spiritual guidance to a resident, as family mentors, hosting a resident and child for dinner, and as instructors, tutors, and parenting assistants.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our grant dollars support the successful launch of Expect Hope including staff support and administration and program costs necessary for the opening of the residency.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that Expect Hope is a supportive housing residence located in a zip code with one of the highest rates of abortion (45%) and that they are meeting the physical, social, and emotional needs of women facing unplanned pregnancies.

When I first came into the home, it was filled with genuine love and compassion and a lot of support....In light of what I've learned at Expect Hope, my view of God is that He's a provider and a sustainer and I'm very grateful that He allowed me to have this second chance.



Dec 12.04.2019

This year, 470 generous donors and more than 600 incredible volunteers made His Toy Store a life-changing experience for families in need! 

Without everyone's generosity in time, resources, and effort, His Toy Store would not happen.

Our fundraising (which exceeded the $95,000 goal!) helped provide 4812 toys to 2,055 families at 13

Sep 09.26.2017
In the next 10 years, we plan to incubate new non-profits to holistically serve our city, activate New York churches to love their neighbors in need, and unite New Yorkers to provide solutions to poverty.
Jul 07.17.2017
Drumroll, please: HFNY’s affiliate family has officially grown to 50 partners! That’s right, we recently added five new non-profit affiliates to our network—for a total of 50—and we couldn’t be more excited. Learn more about them.