Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter (NCS) serves people who are chronically, formerly, or at-risk of becoming homeless
To help people develop the skills they need to live independently in safe and stable housing, as well as secure sobriety and employment.
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Volunteers foster a sense of community and support for the NCS residents and leading social activities including tea time and bingo.
Creativity From Our Volunteers
Tea time and bingo are just a few ways our volunteers help build relationships and foster community among residents to encourage positive, healthy activities!
Why We Love This Affiliate
NCS holistically comes alongside the homeless and builds relationships with them to foster a sense of belonging.

[NCS] believed in me before I believed in myself and gave me some valuable tools to help me through my journey.

Marvin, Former Resident


Here at Hope for New York, we are passionate about pairing volunteers with nonprofits throughout the city. Although there are countless volunteer activities to participate in, we wanted to highlight six unusual opportunities that might surprise you!