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About HFNY's Annual Reports 

Every fiscal year, Hope for New York publishes an annual report to share the different ways we are making an impact on our city. Each report provides updates on the four parts of our model—volunteering, grantmaking, capacity building, and collaborative networks—plus Stories of Hope about our affiliates.


Fiscal Year 2023

We reflected on our legacy of hope as mourned the passing of our founder, Tim Keller, and we highlight how our affiliates continue serving our city even through the migrant crisis.

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Fiscal Year 2022

This year, we celebrated 30 years of Hope for New York! See milestones from the past 30 years and read Stories of Hope featuring our affiliate partners.

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Fiscal Year 2021

For FY21, we focused on the Recovery phase of the pandemic. Read how our four-part model continued strengthening and sustaining our affiliate partners.

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Fiscal Year 2020

COVID-19 changed most of FY20, but the power of our model and the generosity of our network made it possible for us to continue supporting our affiliates. We partnered with one new church and three new affiliates, and gave our highest grant amount to date!

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Fiscal Year 2019

In FY19, we continued making progress with our 10-year vision—we increased to five new affiliates and three new church partners. Read case studies on: A House on Beekman, Center for All Abilities, and The Open Door.

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Fiscal Year 2018

Three new affiliates and one new church partner joined our network in FY18. Read case studies on: Prison Fellowship, Safe Families for Children, and Do For One.

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Fiscal Year 2017

During this fiscal year, we launched our 10-year vision! To achieve this, we added five new affiliates and three new church partners. Read more in our second annual report.

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Fiscal Year 2016

Take a look at our inaugural annual report! See how our organization has evolved since 2016.

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