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Help Children Grow in Literacy Skills in Staten Island

About this Opportunity

Urban Hope Inc. was formed to rescue and uplift children, teens and youth in the West Brighton community (North Shore of Staten Island) from a cycle of generational physical and emotional abuse, neglect, poverty, and lack of parental oversight and care resulting in risky social behaviors and poor academic performance. 

Make a difference in the lives of children in Staten Island as a Literacy Tutor & Mentor!

  • Volunteers help children grow in literacy skills by coming to a child's elementary school in Staten Island during their lunch period (about 45 mins.) once a week. 
  • The volunteer and child read fun, educational non-fiction books to each other, review phonics charts and do practice sheets together.
  • Volunteers build a relationship with the child, tutor them in literacy, and also Mentor them in personal skills and the Fruit of the Spirit. All the materials and training are provided for the Volunteers.  

Due to the nature of the opportunity, we ask for Christian volunteers who can serve in-person, once per week in Staten Island.

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