Many people with disabilities face profound social exclusion. Do For One promotes neighborly caring by engaging volunteers (‘advocates’) in one-to-one relationships and supportive communities with disabled adults (‘partners’). Advocates are a bridge to the world of relationships. They walk alongside partners helping them discover their God-given purpose, create opportunities, build social networks, and prevent abuse. Do For One supports voluntary advocates through ongoing guidance, training, and community building.
People With Disabilities
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Making Grants To Fund Programs
We invest grant dollars to support DFO's rental costs for program space, meals and hospitality needs for community gatherings, and training and workshop costs.
Training And Consulting
Through our Nonprofit Accelerator, DFO received training in nonprofit management essentials to ensure a strong foundation that promotes organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
Why We Love This Affiliate
Do For One selectively matches HFNY volunteers into a supportive one on one relationship with an isolated person with a disability. Most relationships have endured for two years or more.

When I think of my friendship with 'Jeffrey', words I think of are wonderful, laughable, and togetherness. We kinda stick together like glue.

Lenin and Jesse
Lenin, Do For One partner in Harlem


This year's Spring Benefit was the first one we've held in person since 2019! We loved celebrating community with everyone together in one room.
Nine affiliates gave special shout outs to Hope for New York volunteers for supporting their work and their communities during the pandemic's earliest days.
As the challenges of the pandemic continue, we decided to focus on biblical hope and how our affiliate partners remain beacons of hope in our city.