Operation Exodus is a Christian mentoring program for students (K-12) and their families in Washington Heights, Inwood, and the Bronx.
Exodus' mission is to launch NYC Latino youth to college and lives of excellence by loving and challenging them through educational opportunities and transformational relationships.
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers make an impact each week in the lives of kids by being a positive, consistent, and committed role model.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our funding helps cover direct expenses related to the mentoring and tutoring programs, enrichment field trips and activities for the youth, as well as rental costs for the program.
Training And Consulting
We've funded Operation Exodus staff development through the NYC Leadership Fellows program, extensive board development, and communications-related projects.

I spend my Saturday mornings building relationships and mentoring 4th and 5th grade boys.  We study the bible, play games, and go on adventures. God cares for the poor, the broken, and the disenfranchised.  He calls us to do the same.  My kids have taught me what it means to love and care for 'the least of these.'  My heart has been changed, and I can never go back to a place of indifference.  As the psalmist says: ‘Defend the Weak and the Fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,’ and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to do this with Operation Exodus.

Chris, Volunteer


Dec 12.04.2019

This year, 470 generous donors and more than 600 incredible volunteers made His Toy Store a life-changing experience for families in need! 

Without everyone's generosity in time, resources, and effort, His Toy Store would not happen.

Our fundraising (which exceeded the $95,000 goal!) helped provide 4812 toys to 2,055 families at 13

Oct 10.02.2018
I was reminded at a recent HFNY Sunday of how opposite from society and culture Jesus is as One who lifted up and befriended those ignored by everyone else. And we, as followers of Jesus, are also invited into this truly life-giving mission.
Aug 08.03.2017
This summer, we’re celebrating our 3,700+ volunteers who gave over 47,000 hours to serve the poor of our city this past fiscal year.