Restore NYC
Restore NYC

Share About Your Business at a Virtual Workshop (Spanish & English)

About this Opportunity

Restore NYC is a nonprofit organization making freedom real for survivors of trafficking in the United States.

Share about your business and experience as an entrepreneur in a one hour virtual workshop. 

*We are looking for both bilingual Spanish/English speakers and English speakers!*

Inform, inspire, and support our entrepreneurs in their path to starting or growing their businesses. Equip and empower their business decisions by sharing your personal business successes, challenges, and strategies.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Prepare a presentation about your business idea, successes, and challenges. A template & questions to answer will be provided. 
  • Dedicate a weekday morning/afternoon to speak for the virtual workshop, and be available for any follow up questions.

Training requirements

  • General program onboarding

Skills and qualifications

  • Looking for both Spanish speaking and English speaking entrepreneurs 
  • Trauma informed and cultural humility 
  • Clear communicator 
  • Unafraid to be honest and real about business challenges

Time commitment required

  • 2 hours (1 hour of prep, 1 hour for workshop) 

Benefits to the volunteer

  • Support survivor entrepreneurs in their business journey

Expectation of volunteers

  • Clear communication to schedule the workshop, and communicate any challenges early on 

Expectations for the workshop 

  • Inform: Pull back the curtain on what it means to start a business, which can include the tough realities & hardships of entrepreneurship. 
  • Inspire: Provide a vision of what the future state of their business could look like, and motivate them towards action
  • Support: Remind them that they have people who are rooting them on in their journey, and want them to succeed

What volunteers can expect from the organization

  • Workshop template with pre-set questions to answer
  • Staff support to assist with any questions and presentation review

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