Gifted Hands offers art, design, and craft classes for a range of populations, including the elderly, the homeless, and people living with HIV/ AIDS.
To provide underserved youth and adults in New York City with educational art programs that build self-esteem and teach new skills.
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers bring joy, companionship and crafts to patients at Rivington House, a heathcare facility for HIV/AIDS patients. For those who can't join the class, volunteers make room visitations.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our grant supports primary programs to single mothers, children in foster care, senior citizens, and HIV/AIDS patients, populations that Gifted Hands has served for 20+ years, as well as a vocational training program around jewelry design.
Training And Consulting
Gifted Hands received a grant to work with a consultant on development for the board of directors, resulting in new board committees and electing a new board Chairman to guide the organization's growth.

Because of Gifted Hands, I have a change in heart, I have a change in life, and I have a change in inspiration.

"Pebbles," Client


May 05.19.2020
This post was written before the Gifted Hands outreach programs were temporarily suspended because of COVID-19. Currently, Gifted Hands has refocused attention on using their emergency financial funding for communities they serve. Here is Melissa's volunteer story.
Jul 07.19.2018
Sophia Miller grew up in St. James, Jamaica and came to New York a few years ago. It wasn’t long after moving here, though, that she and her two daughters ended up homeless. Sophia struggled to find work and started to lose hope all together. Then she met Dustee, the
Dec 12.13.2017
Wolfie Bright spent his life following other people, which led him to drugs, homelessness, and time in a nursing home. But God used Dustee, founder of Gifted Hands, to restore him to the Mr. Bright he was meant to be.