Dream Center NYC's programs are primarily based in Chelsea and East Harlem in a collection of public housing communities and outdoor relief stations. They serve their communities through creating family-centered weekly block parties and free community markets. Additionally, each week they establish outdoor relief stations in East Harlem to provide a place of refuge and support for individuals walking through homelessness. Lastly, they serve elderly and disenfranchised New Yorkers through free city-wide in home visitations.
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
The Dream Center provides a great opportunity for groups and families to serve together at the Community Market and Restore programs.
Training And Consulting
Through our Nonprofit Accelerator, Dream Center received training in nonprofit management essentials to ensure a strong foundation that promotes organizational effectiveness and sustainability.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that the Dream Center NYC meets New Yorkers where they are, literally, by entering into low income communities to provide much needed resources and support.

[The Dream Center visited me] every Saturday. We would laugh and cook and eat, you know, it’s just like family.

Asha Bell


Dec 12.04.2019

This year, 470 generous donors and more than 600 incredible volunteers made His Toy Store a life-changing experience for families in need! 

Without everyone's generosity in time, resources, and effort, His Toy Store would not happen.

Our fundraising (which exceeded the $95,000 goal!) helped provide 4812 toys to 2,055 families at 13

Dec 12.04.2019

Hope for New York’s vision has remained the same today as it was over 20 years ago: to see our city and all the people in it experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love. To accomplish this vision, HFNY has also remained dedicated to its

Nov 11.08.2019

At Hope for New York, we are constantly inspired by our affiliates and volunteers for the time they dedicate to serving our city in different ways.

This year, at our annual Fall Benefit—held at The Highline Hotel on Thursday, October 10—we centered our theme on the verse Micah 6:8. We