Center for All Abilities seeks to serve individuals with special needs and their families through creative, educational and spiritual enrichment in a faith-guided environment. Their vision is for people with special needs and their families to realize and live out their full potential in God through supportive services.
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Mobilizing Volunteers
This spring, we mobilized volunteers to participate in CAA's annual Special Olympics, allowing children with special needs to experience organized sports, some for the very first time!
Creativity From Our Volunteers
Some of our most creative volunteers serve with CAA-- especially with the arts and music opportunities!
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that Center for All Abilities seeks to support families to empower their loved ones who have special needs.

I am so happy to see how the kids have people who they can look up and who have so much to give. I am glad to be a positive example for them and to see how God loves the kids every time I serve for them.

Eddie, Volunteer


Apr 04.20.2020

Once a week, we will share quick updates from our affiliates who are still supporting various communities in need across New York City. Hear from our affiliates as they mention how COVID-19 has impacted their programs and services, and how they're still remaining hopeful about God continuing to work in our city.


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Dec 12.04.2019

This year, 470 generous donors and more than 600 incredible volunteers made His Toy Store a life-changing experience for families in need! 

Without everyone's generosity in time, resources, and effort, His Toy Store would not happen.

Our fundraising (which exceeded the $95,000 goal!) helped provide 4812 toys to 2,055 families at 13

Aug 08.24.2018
As I have reflected more deeply on my experiences as a volunteer with Hope for New York, I realized it was not I, but God who was truly behind every experience and blessing.