Center for All Abilities (CAA) is a community-based nonprofit organization with locations in Chinatown, Manhattan and Flushing, Queens. CAA offers enrichment programs for children, youth, and adults with special needs and their families so that they may recognize their potential and thrive. Programs include a Mentoring Program, Creative Arts Therapy Program, Vocational Training Program with Baking and Sewing tracks, Children's Playgroup, and Parent Support Group. For more information, visit www.allabilities.org
CAA's mission is to empower people of all abilities to recognize their potential and thrive in the community. We envision a world where those of all abilities can integrate fully in society!
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Mobilizing Volunteers
Many of our programs are volunteer-based, and HFNY has been very helpful in providing us with volunteers for our programs and for annual events!
Creativity From Our Volunteers
For the past few years we have been collaborating with another HFNY affiliate, Gifted Hands, to provide therapeutic art activities in our Parent Support Group and Children's Playgroup each month. We value HFNY's effort to encourage affiliates to get to know and support one another, and we love getting to know what the other affiliates have to offer our community!
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that Center for All Abilities seeks to support families to empower their loved ones who have special needs.

Joining as a mentor was squarely in the top 5 best decisions I've ever made. These past years have been an eye-opening, transformative, challenging, and rewarding experience. The entire CAA team is top-notch across the board with fantastic leaders and dedicated mentors who welcome everyone with open arms. The mentees are exceedingly smart, funny, caring, creative, and incredibly mature. In particular, the opportunity to work with and learn from my mentee Kyle has been nothing short of amazing.

Rob Nguyen
Rob Nguyen, Mentor Volunteer


Oct 10.25.2021
At a recent Redeemer Downtown service, Tony Wong shared a Prayers of the People. Tony is a Downtown church member and also Director of Program Partnerships at Hope for New York.
Jun 06.23.2021
​​​​At our Virtual Spring Benefit on Thursday, June 17, we celebrated the creative reimagining that HFNY has encouraged and fostered in our network this year!
Jun 06.23.2021
Grantmaking is one of the four cornerstones of our model (which also includes volunteer mobilization, capacity building, and collaborative networks). Every June, we give Direct grants to many of our affiliates so they can plan their programs for the coming year.