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Attend Info Session on Supporting Adults with Disabilities

About this Opportunity
Do For One brings people who are marginalized into a place of belonging through strategic partnerships with churches and surrounding communities.

By selectively matching one person with disabilities in need of guidance, companionship, or advocacy with a voluntary advocate, Do For One forms life-changing relationships sustained through education and community support.

Info Sessions are designed for anyone interested in having an in-depth discussion on the kinds of issues people on the margins of society face, particularly people with disabilities, and to reflect on ways we can personally respond to these issues. In this workshop, we ask, “What is stopping us from forming relationships across societal barriers and how can we overcome them?” The workshop will be led by Andrew Oliver, founder of Do For One and Alexa Burke, Do For One community leader and advocate.

Once you RSVP here, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to register with Do For One. Please take both steps to ensure you are accounted for in the preparation for the info session.

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