City Relief is a mobile outreach to the homeless. They connect people to resources that lead to life transformation. Their team of staff and volunteers believe that everyone deserves a place to call home because homelessness is a struggle, not a life sentence. City Relief outreaches feature a custom bus with a built-in kitchen, office, and resource center. They drive the bus to 5 locations throughout New York City weekly providing consistency and developing relationships with those they serve. The staff and volunteers serve homemade soup, beverages & fresh bread, while also offering socks, hygiene kits and prayer. The minimum age to serve with City Relief is 16. Parents must complete a minor release form online. A chaperone is needed for every two minors.
To compassionately serve the struggling and homeless by offering hope and resources that lead towards life transformation
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Mobilizing Volunteers
Volunteers deepen their heart for and understanding of how to compassion to the poor and love the poor as Jesus does. Volunteers help to serve meals but also to provide long-term resources to those needing assistance.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our funding helps to cover the NYC-based sites to cover the meal costs as well as the tolls, insurance, gas, and other costs related to the mobile bus soup kitchen unit.
Training And Consulting
We have invested in City Relief's board development, as well as developing key messaging for their organization as it grows, such as a case statement.

Volunteer Opportunities

Next Available Opportunity
Sat 9/30/2023 | 10:30 AM - 1:15 PM
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Next Available Opportunity
Sat 10/21/2023 | 10:30 AM - 1:15 PM
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"What I love most about City Relief is that we get to operate out of compassion and not pity. Pity would make the soup we serve or the socks we give out the end goal. But through compassion, these resources instead become an invitation for a deeper relationship."

Joe Bae, Outreach Leader
Joe Bae, Outreach Leader


Apr 04.01.2023
This year, Don't Walk By focused on one Saturday outreach and served lower Manhattan between 46th Street and Battery Park. 
Nov 11.11.2022
Our 11 runners completed 26.2 miles of the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon on Sunday, November 6!
Oct 10.19.2022
Many supporters in our network have also reached out to ask how they can pray, serve, and give to help. Here is a guide with context about the Migrant Crisis, along with a list of ways you can help today.