Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is an elderly care facility passionate about rehabilitation and nursing care.
Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is passionate about rehabilitation and nursing care. They constantly strive to provide great services and treatment options, and to enhance the quality of life for all of their residents. They believe the cornerstone of great service in their industry is compassion, so they provide customized care solutions and build lasting relationships with their residents.
Chronically Ill
People With Disabilities
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers started a worship service with residents at Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to encourage them spiritually through gospel-centered music and messages.
Creativity From Our Volunteers
With a range of backgrounds and cultures represented, our volunteers focus on making the services accessible to everyone through energetic music and variety in the service components.
Why We Love This Affiliate
Staff and family visitors often attend the services alongside the residents. They show a genuine interest in the welcoming services, and we hope this will lead to their discovery of Christ's joy.

"I do believe we make a meaningful, positive impact on the residents, and I also believe the volunteers themselves receive a meaningful, positive experience."

David, Volunteer


Aug 08.03.2020
Hope for New York volunteers are used to getting proximate in person with our affiliates, and the communities they serve. But when everything changed during COVID-19, our volunteers found new ways to serve! 
Jun 06.26.2020
While New York City was "on pause," some of our volunteers have made connections by reaching out to isolated and immunocompromised residents at two HFNY affiliates. Volunteers of all ages got creative when writing letters and making art to send to Upper East Side Rehabilitation Nursing Center and Isaiah 58.
Apr 04.28.2020

Once a week, we will share quick updates from our affiliates who are still supporting various communities in need across New York City. Hear from our affiliates as they mention how COVID-19 has impacted their programs and services, and how they're still remaining hopeful about God continuing to work in our city.


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