Project FIND - Hamilton Senior Center provides services and support to low and moderate-income and homeless seniors.
To provide low and moderate-income and homeless seniors with the services and support they need to enrich their lives and live independently.
Manhattan - West Side
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers serve regularly at Hamilton Senior Center, befriending our elderly neighbors on the Upper West Side.
Creativity From Our Volunteers
Our volunteer musicians bring live music, including opera, to entertain lunch guests with their incredible talents!
Why We Love This Affiliate
Project FIND provides a consistent and lively schedule of activities for the senior communities including belly dancing classes and lectures from well-known writers.

I feel that spending time with our senior citizens is one of the best ways to experience God’s wisdom and grace. The seniors at Hamilton House carry a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the small things in life that I often overlook in the busyness of New York City. When I handed a senior his tray of food recently, he looked at me earnestly and said “This is the best day of my life.” This senior, who has seen far more days than most of us, is a reminder to me that every day is a gift from God, and I’m thankful to be able to slow down and enjoy God’s gifts when I serve.

Elizabeth, Volunteer


God, you are the maker of heaven and earth. You created each and every one of us. There is nothing that you do not see. There is not a thought or feeling that I have that I can hide from you. You know all of my fears and all of
Approximately 998,000 New York City residents are 65 and older, and that number is expected to increase to 1.3 million by 2030. Seniors in NYC face financial abuse, lack of resources, and increasing poverty rates. Join us in lifting up the elderly to a God who promises to carry and