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Build Enduring Relationships with People with Disabilities

About this Opportunity

We are looking for New Yorkers who are interested in building enduring relationships with isolated people with disabilities.

There are several ways to get involved through our relationship building program.

  • Some volunteers get involved as "Advocates" by being selectively matched into a supportive relationship with one isolated person who has a disability. In 2023, the people with disabilities we are serving live in Manhattan and West Queens so we are looking for Advocates who are able to travel to either area. 
  • Other volunteers attend our monthly community gatherings where you will have the opportunity engage in a community of people with and without disabilities in a casual setting such as a picnic or game night. We currently host gatherings in Midtown Manhattan, East Harlem, and Roosevelt Island. 

Process: When you click "Request Information" below, Do For One Staff will reach out to you within 48 hours to learn a little more about you and to share with you about the different opportunities to get involved.

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