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Create Handwritten Cards for Families Needing Encouragement

About this Opportunity

Safe Families for Children is a volunteer-driven ministry with the goal of helping to build family resilience. Safe Families NYC mobilizes teams of volunteers (primarily recruited from local churches) and connects them to socially isolated parents to provide emotional and social support so that parents no longer have to feel alone in their parenting journey.

Safe Families for Children is in need of 2 individuals, families or small groups to hand-write a short, encouraging "thinking of you" message to the families who will be taking family photos at our "Capture the Moment" Family Portrait event.

We will need each individual/family/group to write 10 cards. Cards can be bought by the volunteer or Safe Families will purchase and mail to the volunteer/family.

Volunteer(s) will commit to writing 10 cards for families and delivering by mail to Safe Families for Children by Monday, June 20th.

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