A House on Beekman
A House On Beekman

Share with Teens at dreamBronx Program's Meet the Community Session

About this Opportunity
This opportunity is called "Meet our Community" (MoC). MoC is as opportunity for volunteers to come in and share their story/journey with the middle school community called Dreamers.

This is an informal meeting where it is more so an opportunity for volunteers to talk about their careers and/or their journey through life. Volunteers will share for no more than 45 minutes and there will be a Q&A period with the Dreamers. This will be a great introduction to the dreamBronx program with the hopes that volunteers will comeback and contribute in other opportunities.

Sign up to request more information about this program. Volunteers must go through an application process and will need to attend an orientation session before being selected to serve. 


541-549 East 138th Street
Bronx, NY 10454
United States

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