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Build Relationships with Women on Weekday Walks

About this Opportunity
The Bowery Mission Women's Center weekday walks program is an opportunity to build friendships and encourage women who are newer residents of the recovery program. A female volunteer will spend a couple of hours with one or two women and either go out of the Women's Center and do an activity together or just go for a stroll around the neighborhood or park.

The volunteer commitment is to serve once or twice-a-month Monday though Friday either from 11:30am-12:30pm or 4-5pm.

Potential volunteers must complete an application process for this opportunity. You'll be contacted after sign-up by The Bowery Mission staff to set up an introduction and review your application. Address is confidential and will be shared after vetting is approved.

*This is a faith based opportunity. Female volunteers only.
Minimum age: 21

Upper East Side
United States

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