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Provide Support for Unexpected Pregnancies & Recovery from Abortion

About this Opportunity
Avail is a confidential care network for those verifying and making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy. Its private and resourceful network offers free pregnancy verification services (pregnancy testing and referrals for ultrasound exams), information on client choices, one-on-one or couples advocacy, referrals, classes, support programs and after abortion care.

Client Advocates must feel comfortable meeting with clients in high stress situations and be great listeners.
  • Female Pregnancy Support - Equip Client Advocates: Volunteers provide one-on-one support to pregnant clients who are carrying to term.
    • Volunteers bilingual in Spanish also needed for this role.
  • Female Post-Abortion Support - Hope Client Advocates: Volunteers serve clients who are struggling from a past abortion experience. There are two opportunities: meet with clients one-on-one or co-lead a 9-week support group.
    • Volunteers bilingual in Spanish also needed for this role.
  • Male Client Advocates: Volunteers meet individually with the father of the baby or couples with a Female Client Advocate for decision making, parenting support, and post-abortion care.
    • Volunteers bilingual in Spanish also needed for this role.
  • Flourish Client Advocates: Volunteers meet with clients to help them foster healthy relationships and exercise sexual integrity. This is the newest program Avail is offering its clients.
  • Pregnancy Support Classes: Qualified registered nurses lead classes for moms-to-be on topics like breastfeeding, labor and delivery, infant care, and pregnancy health.
This role entails assistance with basic administrative tasks when not meeting with clients. General volunteer training, basic administrative training, as well as separate client advocacy training is provided. Volunteers should be prepared to serve on weekdays in time slots of at least 2 hours and commit to volunteer at least nine months after training.

All volunteers are asked to complete an application and be interviewed to assess the best volunteer role before serving. Request information above to receive an application and staff will be in touch with you.

115 West 45th Street
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