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About this Opportunity
His Toy Store offers a unique opportunity each Christmas season to connect the resources of churches and affiliate organizations with families in deep need throughout New York City. Our host churches and affiliates invite families to shop for new toys for their children at no cost. The families who are invited are those with limited financial resources, including those who may already be part of the church, or are part of a community that the host church seeks to impact. Our affiliates The Salvation Army Times Square at The Salvation Army ARC will be inviting families from their community to shop at the store. Be a part of His Toy Store this Christmas, and join us in sharing the love and joy made available to us through Christ. Sign up to volunteer below!Please note that volunteers for His Toy Store must be aged 14+ and accompanied by a parent. Younger children may accompany parents who volunteer in the childcare area of the store.

315 W 47th St
New York, NY 10036
United States

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