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Provide Support for Unexpected Pregnancies

About this Opportunity
Avail is a confidential care network for those verifying and making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy. Its private and resourceful network offers free pregnancy verification services (pregnancy testing and referrals for ultrasound exams), information on client choices, one-on-one or couples advocacy, referrals, classes, support programs and after abortion care.

Volunteers serve as Equip Client Advocates on weekdays in 2-3 hour time slots to guide clients through Earn-While-You-Learn instructional videos on pregnancy and parenting. Volunteers will provide referrals to clients who need help with medical care, housing, and employment.

In addition, Equip Client Advocates can also meet with clients to help them foster healthy relationships and exercise sexual integrity. This is the newest program, Flourish, that Avail is offering its clients.

The need currently is for:
  • Thursday evenings¬†
  • Monday - Thursday mornings
All volunteers are required to complete an application and be interviewed to assess the best volunteer role before serving.

Men and women are welcome to serve at Avail. Request information above to learn more and connect with the Avail team. 

110 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016
United States

Age Minimum