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Attend Training to Serve Survivors of Sex Trafficking

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Request Information above, and once confirmed you'll be given location details.

Restore NYC's mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Volunteers are needed to serve in three roles. 
  • Safehome Coverage Volunteers (General):
    Volunteers help cover shifts (overnight or daytime) at the safehome and provide extra support for staff.
  • Economic Empowerment Program
    Volunteers needed to help equip women with skills and job opportunities to be on a path towards financial independence. Volunteers serve in various ways throughout the year. 
  • General Client Services
    Volunteer needs come up throughout the year, such as document translation, help with Restore events, or other ad hoc client needs. 
Restore offers volunteers training and support, and asks them to be able to work independently so that staff can focus on work or specific meetings.All volunteers are asked to complete a volunteer application, sign a confidentiality waiver, and to attend volunteer orientation and training before serving with Restore.
All applications will be reviewed and approved before volunteers receive location information for the orientation. Please request information above to receive the application link and waiver to complete. You'll be contacted with more details.

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