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St. Paul's House

Breakfast and Gospel Service

About this Opportunity
St. Paul's House has operated as a mission since 1945 with the goals of training Christian workers and serving the poor.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, set up, interact with guests and serve breakfast to homeless or marginally housed guests from the Midtown West community who attend the Gospel Service and breakfast. Great for early risers!

7:00AM - Volunteers arrive for orientation
7:15AM - Coffee and pastries are served for guests who arrive early, volunteers can visit with guests
7:40AM - Worship service starts; volunteers can participate or continue to pass out coffee to guests who arrive late
8:00AM - Volunteers serve breakfast to guests, restaurant-style 8:30AM - Clean up begins and finishes by 9:00AM

If you need to leave before 9:00AM to make it to work that is okay - you are still encouraged to come and participate as you can. 

We ask volunteers under 18 years of age to volunteer with their legal guardian and/or provide written letter from legal guardian.

335 West 51st Street
New York, NY 10019
United States

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