Three New Affiliates Join the HFNY Network!

May 11, 2020
HFNY new affiliates 2020

The Hope for New York affiliate network is growing every year, and we’re always thrilled to collaborate with more affiliate partners because that means we're able to support work that serves even more New Yorkers in need. This fiscal year, we're excited to add three new affiliates to our network—which brings us to 61 affiliate partners across the five boroughs! 

What's an affiliate? Affiliates are our non-profit partners who holistically and sustainably serve vulnerable or marginalized populations across the city. We seek to strengthen them with volunteers, direct grants, and training and consulting so that they can continue their amazing work in our city.

As part of our 10-year vision, our goal is to partner with 90 affiliates and 30 church partners by 2027—all this is so we can see an even greater movement of mercy and justice across New York City, where individuals, churches, and non-profits are partnering together to see more New Yorkers thrive and flourish.

What makes our new affiliates special this year is the collaborative network that many of them have already formed with other HFNY affiliates, because they serve either similar neighborhoods or community needs. These affiliates are also expanding in communities that also reach new, high-needs population groups. All three affiliates were also recipients of critical relief grants from the HFNY Relief Fund, Learn more about our newest affiliates:


Beacon Christian Community Health Center

Beacon Christian Community Health Center is located in Staten Island (our second affiliate there; the first being Urban Hope) and was founded in 2003 to “show and share the love of Jesus by promoting health and wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare."

Beacon serves high-needs residents in the northern shore of Mariner’s Harbor and is recognized as the only faith-based federal qualified health center in NYC. The organization also has connections to Avail NYC, with the goal to expand their medical services to Avail’s clients. Beacon believes that whole person, relationship-based healthcare has the power to heal people, transform communities and ultimately change people’s spirit.

Hear from Drs. Janet and David Kim, Beacon's directors, as they share updates about COVID-19 and how the HFNY Relief Fund will support their work:

New Beginnings Center of Hope

New Beginnings Center of Hope was founded to provide reproductive health services to vulnerable African American, Hispanic, Caribbean, and Middle Eastern women residing in low-income Queens and Brooklyn neighborhoods. Their goal is to “equip women experiencing unplanned pregnancy to make informed decisions that lead to life-affirming choices for themselves and their pre-born children.”

New Beginnings also has a collegial connection to Avail NYC. New Beginnings has also been involved in our Accelerator Labs program (which helps upcoming organizations build their business model) in the past and received seed funding to establish their organization.

Park Slope Christian Tabernacle Education Outreach Ministries

Park Slope Christian Tabernacle Education Outreach Ministries was formed through its church community in Brooklyn. Their mission is to nurture Gospel-centered relationships with low-income and immigrant families through education support and enrichment programs.

Currently, Park Slope Christian Tabernacle is working to launch a summer 2020 program, with the goal to expand reach from elementary kids to high school teens. The organization has also collaborated with other HFNY affiliates such as Operation Exodus, Thrive Collective and Youth for Christ.

Join us in welcoming our newest affiliates!

Pray for them to sustain consistent connection and collaboration with each other and their communities during COVID-19. Please consider ongoing support through our monthly giving program: