Park Slope Christian Tabernacle's education outreach ministries desires to expose children, youth and families to the Gospel of Jesus Christ while helping to develop in them a love of education to become agents of transformation in their community.
Park Slope Christian Tabernacle's education outreach ministries has a mission to bring the Gospel message in word and action primarily to low-income and immigration children, youth and their families through the provision of opportunities for education support and enrichment.
Affiliate Since

Our Partnership

Creativity From Our Volunteers
Park Slope Christian Tabernacle has been leveraging the support from their community and partnering churches to develop age-appropriate programming, curricula and funds to operationalize their educational outreach ministries.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
HFNY is invested in providing funds for the initial stages of the educational outreach ministries including capacity support to develop their operating and programmatic infrastructure.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that there is strong support from Park Slope Christian Tabernacle and it's community of educators to invest in advancing the vision of its mission.


Dec 12.10.2020
In our 2020 fiscal year, especially during the COVID-19 months, we saw the power of our network in action like never before in our city.
Jul 07.07.2020
Our 2020 fiscal year ended on June 30, and despite the changes and challenges of a COVID-19 year, there are many milestones we want to celebrate!
May 05.11.2020
The Hope for New York affiliate network is growing every year—and this year, we've partnered with three new affiliates: Beacon Christian Community Health Center, New Beginnings Center of Hope, and Park Slope Christian Tabernacle Education Outreach Ministries.