Beacon Christian Community Health Center believes that whole person, relationship based healthcare has the power to heal people, transform communities and ultimately change the spirit of America.
Beacon Christian Community Health Center's mission is to honor God by caring for the physical, mental and spiritual health of our community.
Affiliate Since

Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers will have opportunities to serve the poor, multicultural community of Mariner’s Harbor in Staten Island along with the Avail/Beacon initiative based in Midtown Manhattan.
Creativity From Our Volunteers
Beacon Christian Community Health Center has been partnering with Avail to provide medical services in Manhattan and is projected to expand their reach outside Staten Island.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love that they are a faith-based federally qualified health center in NYC, treating patients with dignity, respect and compassion as compelled by their faith, living out the Jeremiah 29:7 mandate to live out their faith in their work so that they bring “shalom” to the communities they serve.


Jan 01.12.2022
Despite the long and dark pandemic season, we saw sparks of hope, which are captured in these stories that our affiliates shared about the earliest pandemic days.
Dec 12.17.2021
Many affiliate partners also shared which volunteers made a difference last year, so we asked to share their special shout outs about the volunteers that went the extra mile.
Jun 06.23.2021
​​​​At our Virtual Spring Benefit on Thursday, June 17, we celebrated the creative reimagining that HFNY has encouraged and fostered in our network this year!