Thrive Collective mobilizes students, parents, artists, and community stakeholders to partner with public schools for transformational change. They function both as a matchmaker and direct service provider of arts and mentoring programs that cultivate the character and competencies necessary for students to thrive in today's world.
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Mobilizing Volunteers
There are many ways HFNY volunteers can serve, whether it’s connecting to a mural project (one-time community project) or going deeper by becoming a mentor or teaching artist in a school.
Creativity From Our Volunteers
HFNY volunteers are able to come alongside NYC students by helping them to find their creative voice through arts, music, and media.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love Thrive Collective because they are helping to bring art back to the 419 public schools in low-income neighborhoods that lack art teachers, in turn empowering students to create a life worth living.

When school budgets are cut and the first things slashed are music and arts programs, we rob students of the experiences that awaken the creative imagination God hard-wired into their souls.

Jeremy, Founder


Jun 06.30.2021
To show solidarity in celebrating #AAPI heritage and raising awareness around #stopasianhate, Thrive Collective supported the creation of a new mural, Spread Love: Stop Asian Hate by Bianca Romero.
May 05.11.2020
The Hope for New York affiliate network is growing every year—and this year, we've partnered with three new affiliates: Beacon Christian Community Health Center, New Beginnings Center of Hope, and Park Slope Christian Tabernacle Education Outreach Ministries.
May 05.04.2020

May is a special month for most students, with the school year coming to a close and prom and/or graduation on the horizon. But, this year, COVID-19 has impacted how youth engage with their classes, studies, friends, and important milestones. So we’re focusing on some encouraging updates from a few affiliates that