April 07, 2020
As the reality set in that New York would become the latest flashpoint in a global pandemic, I considered what opportunities I had to serve during this time. The Lord provided me several ways to help from a safe distance, including financial gifts and prayer meetings on Zoom. But, having spent many
April 07, 2020
Hope for New York recently began weekly prayer sessions on Instagram Live. On April 7, we hosted a Holy Tuesday morning Q&A and prayer with Sarah Bourns, Pastor of Mission and Formation at Hope Midtown. Sarah also read a poem she wrote about being exposed (in many ways) to COVID-19. Read her poem
April 06, 2020
We’re working with our affiliates day in and day out to understand their needs as a result of COVID-19 and to support their work to serve our most vulnerable neighbors. Our affiliates are determined like never before to continue crucial services to New Yorkers in need by offering meals, clothes and
March 23, 2020
Editor's Note: We know not everyone can serve at this time for important reasons, but if you feel called to continue serving our vulnerable populations, please refer to our COVID-19 Urgent Needs Volunteer page. To protect the health and the safety of our affiliates, staff and volunteers, please
March 20, 2020
God, you are the maker of heaven and earth. You created each and every one of us. There is nothing that you do not see. There is not a thought or feeling that I have that I can hide from you. You know all of my fears and all of my hopes.