February 19, 2021
Image Hope for New York recently added two new team members! Eileen Spencer joined our Mobilization Team as the new Director of Mobilization and Generosity while Laura Rogers joined our Program Team as the new Manager of Volunteer Programs. We're truly blessed to have the talents of both women and
January 12, 2021
Our incredible virtual volunteers are still finding ways to connect with the isolated Isaiah 58 residents, who are immunocompromised because of HIV/AIDs.  During the Christmas season, these volunteers sent origami poinsettias, gold foil cards, and inspirational magazines. Hear from the volunteers
January 04, 2021
COVID-19 has disrupted so many natural rhythms of life. Yet many traditions persist. I still made resolutions this year. I am still dreaming about how things can be better—how I can be better. Maybe you are doing the same.
December 21, 2020
Recently, we asked our affiliates the one word they would use to describe this year, and some common ones we heard: Exhausting. Humbling. Overwhelming. But even as our beloved city came to a standstill, the early months of COVID-19 was also a time when our network increased support across the
December 21, 2020
In addition to Stories of Hope from His Toy Store Reimagined events, here are more stories from our affiliates about how Christmas cheer is being shared in their communities!   Do For One The Do For One community recently had their fifth annual "Tapestry of Light" celebration! Both members