April 14, 2020
Every year, we celebrate Easter and the power of gospel transformation with special stories of hope from our affiliates. We hope you will be touched by the incredible ways our affiliates are helping their clients make holistic life changes. Read and hear the story of Neil, who found Jesus in an
April 13, 2020
Every week, we will share short updates from our affiliates who are still serving vulnerable and marginalized populations across New York City. Our affiliates will tell us how COVID-19 has impacted their programs and services, and how they're still remaining hopeful about God continuing to work in
April 09, 2020
Once a week, we’ll share brief stories from our affiliates who are still serving communities across the five boroughs. Our affiliates will provide updates on how COVID-19 has changed their programs and services, and how they're remaining hopeful about God continuing to work in our city. Also:
April 07, 2020
As the reality set in that New York would become the latest flashpoint in a global pandemic, I considered what opportunities I had to serve during this time. The Lord provided me several ways to help from a safe distance, including financial gifts and prayer meetings on Zoom. But, having spent many
April 07, 2020
Hope for New York recently began weekly prayer sessions on Instagram Live. On April 7, we hosted a Holy Tuesday morning Q&A and prayer with Sarah Bourns, Pastor of Mission and Formation at Hope Midtown. Sarah also read a poem she wrote about being exposed (in many ways) to COVID-19. Read her poem