Pitch Night 2022: Three Inspiring Affiliate Women

HFNY Pitch Night 2022

One of our favorite annual events of the year, HFNY Pitch Night, happened this month!

This year, the three affiliate partners chosen to "pitch" one idea for either creating new or expanding existing programs were: Center for All Abilities, Hillside Center for Education, and Safe Families for Children NYC. 

We loved that strong women represented each affiliate partner and inspired us with their ideas for supporting specific NYC communities: Joanna Tan, Associate Executive Director, Center for All Abilities; Carin Fredere, Executive Director, Hillside Center for Education; Laura Galt, Executive Director, Safe Families for Children NYC. Safe Families also invited a mom in their network, Anna, to present alongside Laura.

Pitch Night 2022 affiliate partners
From left to right: Anna, Laura Galt, Joanna Tan, Carin Fredere, Elise Chong


After each affiliate presented, eligible attendees voted for one winner to receive the $20,000 Community Investment Award. We're happy to announce the winning affiliate this year is Safe Families for Children! Funding will be invested in a peer-to-peer program that will establish a stronger network for isolated parents. Moms currently in the program will also be trained to be oversee this network (one mom also shared her experience at Pitch Night).

Pitch Night 2022 Safe Families for Children
From left to right: Anna, Laura, Elise

We believe all our affiliate partners are winners, so both runner-ups will also each receive $10,000. Center for All Abilities will invest in a sewing program to develop employable skills for neurodiverse young adults. Hillside Center for Education will invest in a long-term tutoring program for children of immigrant families.

Congratulations on the winner, Safe Families for Children! (Read about last year's Pitch Night.)

Pitch Night 2022 Center for All Abilities Hillside Center for Education
From left to right: Joanna, Carin, Elise


Photos by: Austin Wideman (www.austinwideman.com)