COVID-19 Urgent Needs

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Updated on Wednesday, April 8. This page will be updated on an ongoing basis, so please check back frequently.


As of mid-March, 95% of our affiliate programs have been suspended or modified due to COVID-19. For the affiliates that remain open, they are offering essential programs such as providing meals and shelter. Our affiliates are also making alterations and taking extra precautions to protect the safety of our volunteers.

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We know not everyone can serve at this time for important reasons, but if you feel called to continue serving our vulnerable populations, please refer to the urgent needs below, or sign up for our weekly Urgent Needs newsletter.

To protect the health and the safety of our affiliates, staff and volunteers, please follow the CDC guidelines. If you have experienced any of the below, we ask that you not volunteer at this time:

  • A fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
  • Traveled from an affected geographic area within the past 14 days, OR
  • Been in close contact with a person with confirmed COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

> Also, per guidelines, do not volunteer if you are sick and/or over 50 years old (especially if you have chronic lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer or a weakened immune system).

If you anticipate canceling any volunteer opportunities you have signed up for, please log into your HFNY account and cancel as soon as possible so we can notify our affiliates.

All Angels' Church

Volunteers needed: Various opportunities available. Sign up here.

  • Collect and drop off toiletries, cleaning supplies
  • Make and drop off COVID-19 care packages
  • Research and apply for emergency funding

>> Message from All Angels' Church


Citymeals on Wheels

Volunteers needed: Email Sheila at if you're interested in volunteering.

>> Message from Citymeals on Wheels


Defy Ventures

Volunteers need: Virtual opportunities for a Business Deep Dive (April 9) and Online Community Building (April 21). Sign up here.

  • Also, Defy Ventures is looking for volunteers to host online workshops or to review the resumes or online coursework of EITs. Email: Jeannette at


Dream Center

Volunteers need: Various opportunities for mobile pantry packing and delivery, plus grocery shopping and delivery. Sign up here.

>> Message from Dream Center


Expect Hope

Donations needed: Face masks, diapers (sizes 3 and 4). Email: Emily at


Graffiti Ministries

Volunteers needed: Wednesday night grab-and-go meals distribution. Sign up here.

Donations needed: Clorox, face masks, latex gloves, sanitizers, disinfecting wipes, paper towels. Email: Kareem at

>> Message from Graffiti Community Ministries


New York City Relief

Volunteers needed: See location updates to outreaches below and Sign up here.

New York City Relief wants to keep volunteer numbers to 10 to ensure appropriate spacing between people. Please let the organization know ahead of time if you will be volunteering or cancelling.

Also, in keeping with the NYC Service guidelines, any individuals over 50 years old or under 18 years old should stay at home and not serve. We want to do all we can to ensure everyone's safety.

Donations needed: Hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and forehead thermometers. Label items "NYCR" and drop off at various New York City Relief locations or at The Salvation Army (120 West 14th Street). Email:

>> Message from New York City Relief


Recovery House of Worship

Volunteers needed: Ongoing community food pantry. Sign up here.

Donations needed: Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes. Email: Zach at

>> Message from Recovery House of Worship



Volunteers needed: Bilingual volunteers needed to help translate documents for clients. This is a virtual volunteer opportunity. Email: Jenna at for additional details. 

Donations needed: Cleaning supplies. Email: Jenna at


Safe Families for Children

Attend: Virtually Supporting Families During COVID-19. Thursday, April 23 at 12 p.m. Learn how you can help families combat stress and isolation during this time. Sign up here.

Volunteers needed: Become a Virtual Family Friend and provide support to isolated and struggling families through connections by phone, text, Facetime, or video conferencing. Connect with families at least once a week for 3 months. Get details here. Bilingual volunteers who speak Spanish are also needed. Email: Tia at

Donations needed: (1) used laptop for a parent taking college courses. Email: Emily at

>> Message from Safe Families for Children


The Bowery Mission

Volunteers needed: Help at the Tribeca campus meal service. Sign up here.

Donations needed: Various in-kind donations needed, please check the latest list of items needed and where to send. Donate here.

>> Message from The Bowery Mission


The Father's Heart

Volunteers needed: Sign up here.

Donations needed: Face masks, forehead thermometers, and hand sanitizers for food distribution. Email: Pastor Marian at

>> Message from The Father's Heart


The Salvation Army

Volunteers needed:

The Union Square location (132 West 14th St) has various opportunities throughout April and May. Sign up here.


The Bronx Citadel location (425 E 159th St) has various opportunities in April:

>> Message from The Salvation Army


Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (UESRNC)

Volunteers needed: Send cards, letters, and drawings to nursing home residents. Sign up here.


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Since mid-March, 95% of Hope for New York's affiliate programs have been modified or suspended due to COVID-19, but our 60+ affiliates are determined like never before to care for some of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations in our city. 

We have activated our Hope for New York Relief Fund to provide critical relief grants and resources to our affiliates. We ask that you consider giving generously toward our Relief Fund—100% of your gift will go towards these grants and resources.




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Our affiliates have shared these prayer requests. As you pray together with your churches, community groups, and friends and family, please remember the work of our affiliates.

Please also remember to pray for protection over our city, country and world (especially those disproportionately affected by the evolving health situation); all HFNY organizations serving the most vulnerable (including the staff); all decision makers in all sectors (government, nonprofit, church, philanthropy, etc.) to discern next steps in a wise, cautious, but also compassionate manner.


A House on Beekman

About: A House on Beekman supports children and families in the South Bronx with holistic long-term care and services.

Pray For: 

  • A speedy solution to provide free Wifi to all students who need it to complete their schooling
  • Extra patience and perseverance for students and parents learning to navigate new technology and online platforms
  • Creativity and compassion for teachers as they seek to educate their students remotely
  • AHOB staff as they continue to support their students remotely while adjusting to working from home and caring for their own families



About: Avail NYC provides free, confidential care and resources for men and women making a decision about an unexpected pregnancy or seeking support after an abortion experience.

Pray For:

  • Wisdom and strength, perseverance and fortitude in the midst of personal and organizational challenges for all staff as they serve in unprecedented times
  • Client programs to grow during this unexpected season
  • Avail to serve clients, staff, and partners well as be an instrument of peace in God's hand


Brooklyn Arab-American Friendship Center

About: BAAFC offers ESL classes and cultural activities for new Arab American immigrants.

Pray For: The Lord to speak to the hearts of our students and remind them of the things they heard and continue using us even through the phone and media till the storm passes by


Brooklyn Teen Challenge

About: Brooklyn Teen Challenge is a residential faith-based recovery program for men and women with life-controlling issues.

Pray For: To remain strong, unified in the call God has on this organization. 


Community Connections for Youth

About: Community Connections for Youth (CCFY)empowers grassroots faith and neighborhood organizations to develop effective community driven alternatives to incarceration for youth.

Pray For:

  • The most vulnerable youth we serve—young people in detention and correctional settings who are at the greatest risk and who can't get in-person visits or even video-conferencing. Pray for them and their families.
  • For our staff, that we can stay connected and encouraged as we adapt to working remotely. 
  • The 22 young people detained at the Horizon Juvenile Detention Center where COVID-19 has been spreading.


Cru Inner City

About: Cru Inner City partners with local churches in low-income neighborhoods to provide a multitude of resources, including food and clothing, job readiness training, and youth programs.

Pray For: For our partner churches as they minister spiritually to people's fears and offer Cru's products to their needy neighbors.


Do For One

About: Do For One is a relationship-building program that brings isolated people into greater community life. We selectively match one person with developmental disabilities with another person who enjoys a more socially included life.

Pray For:  People who seem to be in greater need—elderly parents caring for their child with disabilities, people living alone, and people living in nursing homes. Coler Hospital is on lockdown (no family and volunteers) and will be overcrowded soon with Bellevue Patients. Residents and staff are very nervous. Pray for them!


Expect Hope

About: Expect Hope is a Christ-centered residential program serving unsupported women 18+ years of age during crisis pregnancies and through their child's second birthday.

Pray For: A spirit of peace and calm in our home and in the hearts of our new mothers. Pray for the health of the staff so that we can provide continuous 24/7 care to our resident mothers and babies.


Garden of Hope

About: Garden of Hope supports survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in the vast Chinese immigrant communities across NYC.

Pray For:

  • God’s protection and peace over our staffs and all the women and children in our service
  • Shelter safety and the single mothers who take care of their children by themselves with limited income to survive during this critical period


Global Empowerment Services, Inc. (GEmS)

About: Global Empowerment Services exists to empower local immigrant communities in Jamaica, New York to achieve their God given potential through providing a set of specific programs.

Pray For: GEmS to continue to be present in our students' and friends' lives with wisdom and safety and for the health of our children who are continuing in school in New York City.


Habitat for Humanity NYC

About: Habitat for Humanity mobilizes volunteers to revitalize community centers and construct affordable housing for low-income families.

Pray For: For a member of the Habitat for Humanity community


Isaiah 58

About: Isaiah 58 is a volunteer-led ministry of mercy outreach to people living with HIV/AIDS.

Pray For: The health and protection of the residents at Bailey-Holt House who are immunocompromised. Pray for this virus to go away soon, so that Isaiah 58 can return to BHH for Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


Living Waters Fellowship

About: Living Waters Fellowship is a church that provides after-school programs, adult ESL classes, and breakfast to the local community.

Pray For:  Wisdom in how to meet the needs of our neighborhood


New York City Relief

About: New York City Relief uses buses as mobile soup kitchens to provide food, counseling, spiritual help, and resources to communities in need.

Pray For: The team as we provide emergency relief to our friends on the street, while also exercising as many safety precautions as possible to keep our germs to ourselves.


Open Hands Legal Services

About: Open Hands Legal Services is a Christian non-profit organization that provides free legal aid, advocacy, and spiritual support to the poor and disenfranchised of New York City.

Pray For: An overwhelming sense of God's grace. There is a lot of fear out there! May this be a time of turning more to God and fully trusting in Him.


Operation Exodus

About: Operation Exodus is a Christian mentoring program for students (K-12) and their families in Washington Heights, Inwood, and the Bronx.

Pray For: The best solutions for our staff and families, and that decisions being made would not affect the families and students being served. 


Prison Fellowship

About: Prison Fellowship works to bring hope and restoration to prisoners, families and communities impacted by crime and incarceration.

Pray For: 

  • Peace within prisons and between the men and women incarcerated and correctional staffs. 
  • Correctional facilities to be shielded from negative outside reactions to the pandemic. 
  • Prison medical staffs, who will be on front lines of any in-prison response. See more prayer requests.


Restore NYC

About: Restore NYC identifies sex trafficking victims and provides long-term, holistic aftercare services for adult female foreign national survivors.

Pray For:

  • The women we serve and their families, esp. for the financial disruption
  • Anxious staff who have compromised immune systems
  • All of us to exhibit great strength and leadership for the anti-trafficking field at this time and be able to continue care well for the women we serve.


Safe Families for Children

About: Safe Families for Children creates extended family-like support for families in crisis through a community of compassionate volunteers.

Pray For:

  • Isolated and under-resourced families that have no support, esp. with potential school and day care closures worsening their situation
  • Children who will have less access to food and care if schools and daycares close


Shiloh NYC

About: Shiloh NYC offers school-based programs in the South Bronx, weekly teen mentoring meetings, and summer camp.

Pray For:

  • Parents who are sick. Children and families who are currently in unsafe spaces, and who are dealing with food insecurities.
  • For the staff, who are delivering groceries using social distancing protocols and vehicles that we own. That the staff may know how to respond in safe ways.


The Father's Heart

About: The Father's Heart Ministries provides services to the unemployed, at-risk youth, immigrants, and those without social or family support.

Pray For: Wisdom and strength, and provision for every need


The Open Door

About: The Open Door empowers immigrants to reach their full God-given potential to successfully integrate, participate and contribute to the well-being of our society.

Pray For: Please keep this prayer in mind


The Salvation Army

About: The Salvation Army provides services to those in need, including emergency social service programs, after-school programs, and disaster relief.

Pray For: (Manhattan Citadel location) The safety for staff, volunteers, and participants


UES Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

About: Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is an elderly care facility passionate about rehabilitation and nursing care.

Pray For: UESRNC to alleviate the fear among volunteers and clients

Urban Hope

About: Urban Hope's mission mission is to transform our community by equipping, developing, and empowering its inner-city youth.

Pray For: 

  • The kids and their families who are afraid in this time of crisis
  • Christians can step out in wisdom and boldness
  • How we can creatively reach our local communities so they feel safe and served by the local church. In this crisis, the church is needed more than ever. 


Young Life

About: Young Life is a non-denominational Christian ministry that reaches out to adolescents.

Pray For:

  • Wisdom in how we navigate these times
  • Our team to continue to mentor and connect kids in creative ways during this time (as they need it more than ever) and for the health of the staff, students


Youth for Christ

About: At Youth for Christ we serve incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth in responding to their needs with relational programs that encourage conversation and build capacity for success in them.

Pray For:

  • The youth that we serve in detention centers. They are in a controlled environment and should someone be infected, there is high potential for spreading.
  • The youth that we serve who are back in their communities but in need, with limited resources
  • Our volunteers who serve so selflessly.


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