4 ways to pray for our neighbors who are or have been incarcerated

June 08, 2016

“To pray is to accept that we are, and always will be, wholly dependent on God for everything.” -Tim Keller

We pray because we know that apart from God, no movement of justice and mercy will ever take place. This week, in conjunction with our “Hope after Prison” workshop, we hope you will join us as we pray for for our justice system and for those currently or formerly incarcerated.

1. Pray for our country’s justice system.

Pray that judges, legislators, and law enforcement personnel would treat and support all individuals with equality and fairness. Pray for Open Hands Legal Services, one of our affiliates that provides free legal services to members of the community.

2. Pray for those in prison now

Pray that the men and women suffering from addictions and mental illness would receive the necessary care and rehabilitation. Pray for parents who are separated from their children and the children who are growing up without their parents.

3. Pray for people re-entering society after being incarcerated.

Pray that relationships would be restored with family members and that community members would welcome these men and women back into day-to-day life. Pray for organizations such as Defy Ventures and Exodus Transitional Community that seek to provide job training and supportive services for these men and women.

4. Pray for the Church

Pray that Christians would respond to God’s command to seek justice and care for the poor and marginalized, including those who are incarcerated. Pray that the church would set a grace-filled example of what it means to give a second chance.

*The prayer points above were produced by the Grace & Race ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and were adapted for the purpose of this post. For the full prayer guide, click here