VIVA Uptown is a church-based collaborative joining God and community for the flourishing of Washington Heights and Inwood. We have several diverse initiatives happening in our community. One of our current programming initiatives includes equipping community leaders to mentor youth by building character, developing community leaders and preparing them for the future through our initiative known as the Pathways Mentoring Program.
We aspire to see our community flourish by collaborating across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers in a spirit of reconciliation and unity. Through youth development, wellness initiatives, housing support, and land renewal, our diverse community members will be empowered to take part in the care of our neighborhood leading to physical, social, emotional and spiritual vibrancy.
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Creativity From Our Volunteers
ViVA Uptown has been very intentional in collaborating with multiple churches aligned with its mission to serve the community of the Inwood and Washington Heights area.
Training And Consulting
ViVA Uptown participated in our Bagels and Best Practices Advancement training in June to develop an increased understanding of event planning and peer-to-peer fundraising.
Why We Love This Affiliate
We love this affiliate because they remain true to investing in middle and high school youth through long-term relationship building.
More About Volunteering

Initial Recruitment: 

Recruitment for potential mentors through our Pathways Mentoring Program initiative is done through partner churches, partner school staff and the networks of team members and existing mentors. Other community members outside of our network are informed through social media and flyer distribution at community events. Those who are not known through our networks will be considered only after careful scrutiny. Those interested must fill out an application, be interviewed by our staff, and also submit to reference and background checks. 

Preference is given to Washington Heights /Inwood or Northwest Bronx residents or those who attend churches in or have extensive connection to these communities. This reflects our philosophy of "asset based" development where members of the same community support each other for the common good.


At Hope for New York, we are so excited to be expanding our network by three new affiliate partners to reach even more New Yorkers in need. Learn more about them here.
We have so much to celebrate from this past fiscal year, including $2.1 million in grants to our affiliates, 3,200+ volunteers, one new church partner, and three new non-profit affiliates!