Get to Know Our Three Newest Affiliates!

October 19, 2018
new affiliates

At Hope for New York, we are so excited to continue expanding our network of affiliate partners to reach even more New Yorkers in need. This year, we added three affiliates (for a total of 53!), and we can’t wait for you to get to know each of them better.

One affiliate is empowering immigrant communities in Jamaica, Queens. Another is helping hurting people heal in Downtown Brooklyn. And yet another is providing youth development in Washington Heights and Inwood. All three are doing incredible work to love and serve our neighbors in need.

We asked each of our new affiliates to share a little bit about what they do, why they do it, and why they’re excited to partner with Hope for New York. Hear from them in their own words below:

Q: Why does GEmS exist and how is it making an impact on the city?

A: As we began learning about our community of Jamaica, Queens, over and over again, people said the most valuable opportunity is education. Our community, like all of NYC, is full of immigrants who want to work and learn and achieve their dreams. GEmS wants to come alongside our neighbors with programs like English as a Second Language courses for adults and after-school tutoring for children to help people realize their goals.

Q: What does being an affiliate with HFNY mean for GEmS?

A: We are so excited to be able to be more visible in NYC. Our volunteers are key in our educational outreach programs, as the best thing for an English language learner is to have conversations in a comfortable environment. We hope to have many people come to volunteer and leave as friends of our community.

Q: What can volunteers expect when serving with GEmS?

A: Laughter. Freedom to make mistakes. A community that is growing together. Our students are encouraged to speak English, even if they might make mistakes. We always say that in language learning, we all make a million mistakes, so this is the best place to get started. Our students practice together, make mistakes together, and ultimately grow together.

Q: Why does ViVA Uptown exist and how is it making an impact on the city?

A: We aspire to see our Washington Heights and Inwood community flourish by collaborating across racial, ethnic, and socio-economic barriers in a spirit of reconciliation and unity. Through youth development, wellness initiatives, housing support, and land renewal, our diverse community members will be empowered to take part in the care of our neighborhood leading to physical, social, emotional, and spiritual vibrancy.

Q: What does being an affiliate with HFNY mean for ViVA?

A: ViVA will greatly benefit from being an affiliate with HFNY as we are seeking to equip volunteers to serve in their communities as good neighbors. We will also benefit from HFNY's resources for non-profit development as we are a new organization in the process of building our foundation.

Q: What can volunteers expect when serving with ViVA?

A: We believe we will give HFNY volunteers a rich experience and education in community renewal and development. Our Pathways Mentorship Program will offer the opportunity for them to develop significant relationships with young people and their surrounding community. They will also develop relationships with our staff to receive training, coaching, and encouragement.

Q: Why does RHOW exist and how is it making an impact on the city?

A: We exist to: Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Help by meeting people at the point of their needs and creating environments where hurting people heal, and Equip others in Christ to share and help.

Q: What does being an affiliate with HFNY mean for RHOW?

A: We see this as an opportunity to better serve the countless families who know we are here, as well as the chance to reach a neighborhood that is vastly changing.

Q. What can volunteers expect when serving with RHOW?

A: Volunteers can expect an opportunity to provide a loving, caring, encouraging, and hospitable atmosphere where hurting people can heal.