A Reminder to Continue Extending Grace

September 04, 2018
terrie blog

A wrinkled scrap of paper sits on my table reminding me of how God uses everyone who is willing to yield. I was working at The Relief Bus, and one client was not content with his hot soup, bread, and prayers. He wanted something more. After a while, he came back and put this piece of paper in my hand. In his strained handwriting he had penned, “God, Remind us that we the church is your work and you have brought us together for your good purposes. Help us extend grace to others.” This was such a gift, such an encouragement to continue extending grace to others! And it reminds me that each person I serve is God’s creation with His gifts.

Pray for our city

Father God, we cry out for the poor in our city and ask that you would equip us to meet their needs through the ministry of mercy. We pray that you would guide each one of us to discover his or her mercy ministry that would bring glory to You and Your Kingdom, while at the same time, blessing our neighbors whom You have created and love so dearly. We are reminded that “a bruised reed you will not break,” and that you are close to the brokenhearted. Lord, please be close to each of our neighbors, and use us as representatives of your church to be the hands and feet that meet their needs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

* * *

Terrie Wheeler is a HFNY Rep for a Redeemer East Side community group.