40 Days of Hope: Lenten Calendar

Lent 2024: 40 Days of Hope

Lent is a season of reflection and meditation on God's word, to understand the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross. Lent is also a time to practice prayer, fasting (or sacrificing or restraining from specific foods and habits), and almsgiving.

To help you connect more meaningfully with the rhythms and practices of our faith, and to understand what it means to love and give in service of others, we launched 40 Days of Hope in 2023. This Lenten calendar is filled with simple and creative activities that encourage you to pray, serve, and give. We hope you follow, share, and remember this calendar as a way to love our community well!


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 Ash Wednesday Pray over the Lenten season. Ask God for an open mind and heart for all that he may teach us as we prepare for Easter.
 Thursday, February 15

Don't Walk By is coming, so pray for unhoused neighbors! You can join our virtual prayer at noon: hfny.org/prayfornewyork

 Friday, February 16 Pastor Brandon Cobb reveals what Lent has to do with helping people in need.
 Saturday, February 17 Read the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10). Reflect on what the parable teaches you about generosity.
 Sunday, February 18 Meditate on the Sunday sermon. Pray the message for 3 people in your life.
 Monday, February 19 Spend 5 minutes praying for the needs in your neighborhood.
 Tuesday, February 20 Hear how three long-time affiliates share how they provide Hope Day and Night.
 Wednesday, February 21 Help neighbors in need more regularly! Join our monthly giving community, The Hope Exchange: hfny.org/hopeexchange
 Thursday, February 22 Print 3 copies of our updated HFNY resource card (now with Spanish) and look for opportunities to hand them out: hfny.org/resourcecard
 Friday, February 23 Redeemer Downtown's Assistant Pastor Will Anderson shares his words on fasting, inspired by Isaiah 58:6-9.
 Saturday, February 24 Today is our annual Don't Walk By outreach. Pray for our neighbors living on the streets to be seen and cared for. Pray for our volunteers to connect well with our neighbors.
 Sunday, February 25 Meditate on the Sunday sermon. Pray the message for 3 people in your life.
 Monday, February 26 Pray with Siyona of Reunion Church: 'Teach us to be relentless in our pursuit for justice'
 Tuesday, February 27 Want to help us grow a movement of mercy and justice? Watch our video to hear how we're doing this!
 Wednesday, February 28 Donate the cost of your morning coffee to HFNY: hfny.org/easter
 Thursday, February 29 Serve our migrant community by finding ways to serve: hfny.org/migrantcrisis





 Friday, March 1

Redeemer Downtown's Obed Bazikian reflects on how to be a bridge of hope in times of broken spirits.
 Saturday, March 2 Missed Don't Walk By? Serve an organization that supports New Yorkers living on the streets: hfny.org/volunteer
 Sunday, March 3 Meditate on the Sunday sermon. Pray the message for 3 people in your life.
 Monday, March 4

Raymond Tieu of The Bowery Mission reveals a personal story of how volunteering changed his life.

 Tuesday, March 5 Hear our affiliate partners pay tribute to the late Tim Keller and how he inspired them in mercy and justice work
 Wednesday, March 6 Join our virtual Prayer Gathering on Thurs. March 14 to pray for our elderly neighbors. hfny.org/prayfornewyork
 Thursday, March 7 Create a DIY Fundraiser and dedicating it to a celebration or meaningful milestone this season: hfny.org/diy
 Friday, March 8 John from Exilic Church's City Outreach Ministry shares how he experienced God's grace at Dream Center NYC.
 Saturday, March 9 Pray with Ellim from Exilic Church's City Outreach Ministry for God to grant us hearts to give and to serve.
 Sunday, March 10 Meditate on the Sunday sermon. Pray the message for 3 people in your life.
 Monday, March 11 Sign up (with a friend or community group) to serve a meal! hfny.org/volunteer
 Tuesday, March 12 Watch this Story of Hope featuring Raul from Graffiti.
 Wednesday, March 13 Choose one community from our monthly Prayer Guide to pray for today: hfny.org/pray
 Thursday, March 14 What does biblical justice mean? Hear from our affiliate partners.
 Friday, March 15 Faithful volunteer Samuel Ashby shares how he bonded with youth at Living Waters Fellowship.
 Saturday, March 16 Read the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Then, reflect on what it means to be a neighbor. Who are the neighbors you can serve?
 Sunday, March 17 Meditate on the Sunday sermon. Pray the message for 3 people in your life.
 Monday, March 18 How can a simple word like "please" remind us to love others? Hope for New York's own staff member reflects on this.
 Tuesday, March 19 Watch this Story of Hope featuring Rodney from All Angels' Church
 Wednesday, March 20 Want to receive prayer requests from our affiliates? Sign up for our quarterly newsletter: hfny.org/getconnected
 Thursday, March 21 Find a way to serve in the borough where you live: hfny.org/volunteer
 Friday, March 22 How can we find hope in the wilderness? Reunion Church's Brianna Rapp reflects on Jesus' temptation in the desert.
 Saturday, March 23 What does biblical hope mean? Hear from our affiliate partners.
 Holy Week
 Palm Sunday (March 24) Hosanna! On Palm Sunday, pray for the joy and sorrow of Christ's sacrifice. Pray for hope during Holy Week.
 Holy Monday Read Mark 11:12-14, 20-25. Pray for the fruitfulness of the church.
 Holy Tuesday Read Mark 11:15-19. Pray for the purity and obedience of the church.
 Holy Wednesday Listen to the worship song, How Deep The Fathers Love For Us.
 Maundy Thursday  Read Mark 14:12-72. Then, listen to Boldly I Approach by Rend Collective. Afterwards, pray a prayer of confession and thanksgiving.
 Good Friday Read John 18:28-19:37. Spend 3 minutes in silent prayer reflecting on Christ’s sacrificial love on the cross.
 Holy Saturday Read Mark 16:1-9. Reflect on how your relationship with Jesus has deepened this Lent. And pray a prayer of praise and petition for more intimacy in your relationship with him.
 Easter (March 31) He Is Risen! Celebrate the resurrection hope we have in Christ! Consider giving to neighbors in need: hfny.org/easter

Watch more Easter Stories of Hope and consider giving sacrificially for Easter to support

our affiliates serving neighbors in need! hfny.org/easter