Stories of Hope this Easter

Every Easter, we share stories from men and women whose lives have been changed through our non-profit affiliates. These are stories of hope conquering despair, light conquering darkness, and life conquering death. All week, we're celebrating how God is moving and changing lives through the work of our amazing affiliates.


I used to follow other people—good or bad—but now I'm able to show people the right path to walk on. Because I have God as my father, and because I’m accepted by Him, I'm not as angry anymore. I know that Christ is always there for me, and that he loves me with all his heart. David, Young Life


Because of my lack of social status, society ignored me. I had no name. And while Open Hands succeeded in helping me with my earthly name, the Bible says that God gives us "an everlasting name that will not be cut off." My identity is not in any label – negative or positive— that society assigns to me. My identity is as a child of God. Laurence, Open Hands Legal Services


I found it so amazing that Jesus befriended people like me, the lost and broken. That he would stop and heal the people who have made all the wrong choices in their lives. The love He showed was something I yearned for. Megan, New York City Relief


One time I couldn’t look in the mirror, I just wasn’t satisfied with me. Now I can look in the mirror and say, “I like me.” I can even say, “Wow, there is a God.” My life is so full of joy right now. I know that it’s only God that’s given it to me. Walter, New York City Rescue Mission


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