Prayers of the People: 'Stir Us to Deeper Compassion and Love'

Boat on East River

During the Lenten season, follow this prayer written by Brian, our Director of Generosity and Strategic Partnerships. Elise Chong, our CEO, read this Prayers of the People during a recent HFNY Sunday at Redeemer East Side.

Father in Heaven,

We come before you, giving thanks and praise for your amazing love. This Lenten season, we remember how you came to earth, suffered, died, and rose from the grave, declaring victory over death.

As we approach your throne of grace this morning, we lament the brokenness in our world and our city. We cry out to you, “How long must we see a city where your people, made in your image, experience injustice?” We long for your justice to roll on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream.

We pray for our children and youth who are experiencing food insecurity and a lack of resources. We pray for partners like Young Life and Safe Families for Children, so that children and families would feel strengthened, supported and ultimately know your love.

Please continue to use the work of The Bowery Mission and Dream Center to provide felt needs such as food and shelter to our unhoused neighbors, and to build relationships with those who are often overlooked and forgotten.

We pray for recent immigrants who have come to our city. We pray for partners, like The Open Door, who are providing ESL training and support to those who are navigating a new culture.

We pray these things, knowing that you call us to be a city on a hill, to shine the light of Christ. We ask that you would stir us to deeper compassion and love for our neighbors in need. We pray that through the work of our church and Hope for New York, all New Yorkers would experience the Christ’s love.

We pray for all these things, not for our sake, but for your glory.