5 Ways to Make Room for Volunteering this Spring

April 13, 2016

Finding the time to volunteer can be difficult... and finding the right opportunity can be even harder. In celebration of National Volunteer Week this week, check out our 5 tips for making volunteering easier so you can start giving your time to share God’s love with the poor and marginalized in our city. 

  1. Do it on your way to or from work! It’s hard to fit one more thing in, but like they say with exercise, it’s best if you do it on the way or from something else. We agree! Volunteer on Monday or Friday mornings at St. Paul’s House and then head over to the office, or kill two birds with one stone and run with Back on My Feet weekday mornings at locations across the city.
  2. Get your friends to join you! Let’s face it. We all need accountability when it comes to making something regular in our lives. Sign up to volunteer with a friend or group of your friends at Citymeals-on-Wheels or World Vision or DeWitt Nursing Center.
  3. Use your skills to give back! Volunteering can be daunting when you aren’t sure what or how it will go. By using the skills and knowledge you have already to serve others, you’ll be giving more than your time and feel equipped to do it well. Do you run a business? Share expertise with entrepreneurs in training at Defy Ventures. Into the latest technology? Help teach basic computer skills to students at The Open Door.
  4. Pick an opportunity that’s completely different than your job! Work in a busy, cubicle-filled office from 9-5? Take a break and volunteer on a Saturday to hang out with kids. We’re sure you’ll leave less stressed and with more enthusiasm about the coming week after painting, reading, and laughing alongside a couple of 2nd graders at Operation Exodus.
  5. Check out our volunteer filter! Have a specific day free, neighborhood your near, skill set to share, or population you’d like to volunteer with? Plug it into our nifty volunteer filter to find opportunities that fit you.


Volunteering may not always fit perfectly into our lives, but we hope these tips will spur you to commit to being generous with the time you have!