Don't Walk By is an annual collaboration of faith-based organizations, partners of Rescue Alliance, that are committed to serving the homeless and offering them an alternative to living on the streets. Rescue Alliance seeks to end homelessness in New York City and restore the well-being of our neighbors on the street. We believe life transformation occurs at the intersection of three essential elements of care. At Don't Walk By, volunteers canvass the streets and subway platforms in Manhattan on a search for the homeless, offering the people they encounter care kits and an invitation to return to a nearby church for food and medical assistance. For those ready to leave the streets, Don't Walk By will offer a place in a residential recovery program. Don't Walk By takes place every February. Please check back for details about DWB 2020.
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Our Partnership

Mobilizing Volunteers
Hundreds of HFNY church partner volunteers sign up to serve over the 4 Saturdays of Don't Walk By, and gain practical knowledge of the struggles that people experiencing homeless face as well as how to engage with people in need on a daily basis.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our grant dollars support all the program costs for Don't Walk By, from hearty dinners for the guests to medical supplies and hygiene kits.
Why We Love This Affiliate
Families and children from HFNY's partner churches will assemble over 1,000 care kits filled with hygiene products that will be distributed to the homeless through Don't Walk By.

Committing to walk & engage with the homeless made me think about the future: how would stopping this time, instead of walking by, change the way I commute everyday? Could I go back to putting on blinders to the need in my own neighborhood?

Elizabeth E., Volunteer


Mar 03.05.2019
It was amazing to see a movement of volunteers and the impact that just one day can have. It truly was a moment of inspiration for myself to do more and to serve where I can. Don’t Walk By is proof that a small deed can make a big difference
Jan 01.24.2019
Sovereign Lord, though an issue like homelessness can seem overwhelming and even hopeless at times, help us to remember Your great act of salvation and the wonderful future that You have promised us.
Jan 01.17.2018
More than 60,000 New Yorkers sleep in city shelters each night, and thousands more sleep on the streets, subways, and public spaces. Here are five ways you can pray for the Don't Walk By outreaches happening next month—and for our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness.