August 29, 2019
For an annual Hope for New York Sunday event, a special prayer was shared at Redeemer Lincoln Square: "Father, remind our hearts that there are no ordinary people, that there are no mere mortals, but that every person is an image bearer of the most high, deserving of honor."
August 29, 2019
What does it really mean to show mercy? And, does it mean grand gestures? Simply, being merciful showing strength, even with the smallest but most meaningful sacrifices.
July 24, 2019
What role should lament play at the crisis at the border? What is it like to live in fear of deportation? What are the factors that cause NYC families to enter homeless shelters? You’ll find content that speaks to these questions and more in this month’s Mercy & Justice Round-Up.
July 23, 2019
Justice can be a controversial word in conversations between Christians—perhaps it is due to the current political climate, or perhaps we just don’t have the word defined properly. So, what does it mean to "do justice"?
June 28, 2019
Why is the city “cracking down” on people experiencing homelessness in the subway system? Is there a relationship between neighborhood segregation and life expectancy? What does it mean when we talk about Biblical justice? You’ll find articles and videos that speak to these questions and more in