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Attend In Person Orientation Session in Midtown

About this Opportunity

Join us for our next Introductory Session on Saturday, April 13th, from 10:15-12:15pm (IN PERSON at a venue in Midtown East) where you'll hear stories of transformative relationships between people with and without disabilities, and learn about how you can get involved.

Do For One is a relationship building program that brings isolated people with disabilities into greater community life through the power of one-on-one, freely given, enduring relationships across societal barriers.

  • At this orientation session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the history and philosophy behind Do For One’s mission.
  • You will learn about Do For One’s approach in addressing the core issue of devaluation that people with disabilities face and why personal and freely-given relationships is our response.
  • You will hear stories about real Do For One relationships, and learn about a number of ways for you to support our mission and get involved.
  • There will be extended time for Q+A and mingling at the end.

For those interested in becoming matched into a one-on-one supportive relationship with a person with a disability, please note that in 2024, our primary focus is recruiting people with disabilities living in MANHATTAN and WEST/CENTRAL QUEENS, and a small number in Brooklyn.

  • We welcome Advocates living anywhere to get involved, but please know that it is less likely that you will be able to be matched with someone living outside of those areas.
  • We recognize that our next seasonal orientation session is far away. If you wish to learn more about Do For One’s program, or wish to get in touch with staff sooner, please email

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Midtown Manhattan
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