At Hope for New York, we value our partnerships with non-profit organizations (who we call our affiliates) and churches across the city. If you’re interested in partnering with us, learn more about how to come alongside us in serving neighbors in need.

Affiliate Partners | Church Partners | Corporate Partners

Becoming an Affiliate Partner

We’re proud to partner with 60 amazing affiliates that provide holistic care to New Yorkers across all five boroughs. We’re committed to strengthening these organizations so that they can continue to bring spiritual, social, and economic flourishing to our city. We support them in four ways: by providing annual grants, consistent volunteers, capacity building programs, and collaborative network opportunities. It is important to us to come alongside our affiliates and work with them to serve more communities. See our current list of affiliates.

We’re always looking to partner with more organizations that can expand our network to reach new populations and communities to help neighbors in need. 


Criteria for Affiliate Partners

  • Is a 501(c)3 non-profit that serves the poor and marginalized in NYC
  • Is a faith-based organization OR if not a faith-based organization, allows for faith expression
  • Serves the whole person, focusing on spiritual, personal, social and economic well-being
  • Offers active volunteer engagement opportunities (evenings and weekends, individual and group, one-off and ongoing, kid-friendly opportunities, etc.) and demonstrates potential for growth in volunteer engagement
  • Organization’s leadership would embrace partnership with HFNY
  • Organization’s location is in an area of need and reachable by volunteers via public transportation


If your non-profit meets the majority of these criteria, please fill out the interest form below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Becoming a Church Partner


While we welcome volunteers and supporters from churches all over the city, our church partners have made a commitment to mobilizing their congregations to love and serve their neighbors in need through Hope for New York affiliates. Our partner churches are committed to making mercy and justice a priority of their church life—and we are committed to empowering these churches by: strategizing ways to get proximate, catalyzing their community, and offering initiatives to get proximate. Currently, we have 16 church partners:

We’re always looking to partner with even more churches to cultivate Christians toward loving mercy and doing justice.


Criteria for Church Partners

  • Is ready to help HFNY resource our affiliates well with committed volunteers
  • Has a desire and willingness to serve communities and neighborhoods that have been traditionally underserved
  • Is willing to take ownership of mercy and justice efforts and be supported by HFNY
  • Has dedicated financial and staffing resources for mercy and justice
  • Believes in the historic Christian faith as summarized in the Nicene Creed and Apostles Creed


If your church is interested in learning more about a formal partnership with Hope for New York, let us know!


Becoming a Corporate Partner


Through the years, corporations and foundations have also provided funding for our affiliates. If you are a corporation, and/or foundation who is interested in formally partnering with Hope for New York, please reach out to us.