Announcing Our New Church Partner: Exilic Church

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We love partnering with churches because we help with the spiritual formation of Christians across our city—connecting them with our affiliate opportunities and mobilizing them to serve those in need through volunteer programs. With every church partnership, we renew our vision of helping "all people experience spiritual, social, and economic flourishing through the demonstration of Christ’s love."

This fiscal year, we are proud to share that we have formed a new partnership with Exilic Church!

To celebrate this partnership, we asked Aaron Chung, founding pastor of Exilic, to share his thoughts:

What is unique about Exilic Church?
One unique thing about Exilic is how many seekers and skeptics we attract. Our mission is to “Inspire Thinkers to Believe and to Inspire Believers to Think.” When our church first started, almost 40% of our congregation was not Christian. It was almost silent when we sang at church because nobody knew the songs. Today, the singing is a lot more robust as our church has grown, and we probably have closer to 10%-15% seekers and skeptics, but it’s a number that we’re still happy with.

Why was it important for you to partner with HFNY?
HFNY provides an avenue for churches to serve our community that would be hard to find or create on our own. It serves as an important liaison for churches to partner and network with existing organizations without re-creating the wheel.

How are you inspiring your congregation to dive deep into mercy and justice?
Last year, we launched something called the “GO Campaign” where we challenged our congregation to go out into our city and into our world. We did an entire sermon series about the importance of mercy, justice, and missions. Furthermore, we are putting our money where our mouth is by supporting organizations like HFNY with our finances. Your budget says a lot about what you value, and we want our church to know that this is something that we value.

What are some issues your church or congregation are passionate about?
The list is endless, but there are some people that are involved in important work related to human trafficking, homelessness, and education.

What is your hope for our city?
To see as much of heaven in a fallen earth as possible.


Exilic Church staff


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